and Vineyard

Tenuta Sarno, where the vineyard
is located, is in Candida (AV).

C andida, an ancient village in the province of Avellino, is located at 600m above the sea level and it is the background of our vineyard.

Thanks to the chalky clay soil, the vines benefit from the cool nights and mild summers, well tolerating snow. In spring, the subsoil returns heat and humidity to the roots, favouring the minerality of the water to the vines.

An avant-guarde vineyard planted with the most modern cultivation techniques with a high density of vines per hectare, able to give a quality of a great value at the expense of quantity.

G rapes and rootstocks, planting density, trainig system, pruning and harvesting period are fundamental choices that can strongly influence final results.

In winter an important pruning is done, which carries out in order to limit the amount of grape bunches to limit the quantity. In summer, the leaf removal and green pruning allow the clusters to breathe for a perfect exposure to the sun. The harvest takes place in full technological, pheolic and aromatic maturity in the middle of October and is carried out strictly by hand to avoid any kind of stress for the bunches.

What immediately follows is the mashing of the grapes with a closed cage pleumatic press. A soft pressing allows to obtain a must, which is rich in various aromas. The almost 8 months refinement for the Sarno 1860, 18 per the Riserva on fine lees contributes to the complexity and minerality making the ending very persistent.